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End of the World

Learning how to live

My kids are learning how to swim.  …yeah I take my camera everywhere.

~~The Pilot Post~~

Photography has been a passion of mine for a decade now.  Yep… the film days of photography is when I was initially enticed.   This might come as news to some of you but 10 years ago, if I wanted a black and white image I would have to put a roll of Black and White film in the camera.   I eventually found that the art of Black and White Photography is a whole different animal.  In my profession… I usually try to stay away from harsh contrasty shadows.  It is not flattering to a portrait.  Well the art of Black and White Photography often induces a harsh contrast to make the image.   I am starting a new gallery that portrays my interpretation, my perspective of an art form that is dying called “Gray Matters”

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